The Abu Dhabi free zone known as Twofour54 has become the region’s most important center for the media business. It was founded in 2010 and its name, which comes from Abu Dhabi’s coordinates , has come to be associated with high standards in the media. Twofour54 has grown into a thriving business neighborhood, home to more than four hundred companies. Many prominent media outlets are headquartered there, including CNN, Fox News, National Geographic Channel, Sky News Arabia, Cartoon Network, Bloomberg, and The National, among others.

Twofour54’s primary goal is to serve the whole media sector, which includes but is not limited to television, movies, radio, music, smartphones, books, animation, video games, and more. Twofour54’s complete support and amenities are tailored to the specific requirements of media-related businesses.

Benefits of Establishing a Company in twofour54 Abu Dhabi are abundant

  • There will be no sales tax, value added tax, or customs duties placed on any imported goods.
  • companies with 100% foreign ownership.
  • For the first two years in business, new partners and freelancers do not have to pay any licensing or registration expenses.
  • Freelancers aren’t required to pay any kind of membership dues.
  • Efficient, clear, and streamlined procedures for starting a business.
  • visas for employees don’t need a refundable security deposit.
  • Within twofour54, no legal company entity is required to have a minimum share capital.
  • Vocational Media Training Academy provides access to courses and training in the media industry.
  • Having a wider pool of qualified technical candidates to choose from.
  • Accepting applicants of all ethnic backgrounds.
  • Cutting-edge wiring and plumbing systems in each building.
  • Placement at the crossroads of the Middle Eastern, Asian, and European markets.
  • It is in close proximity to the Abu Dhabi International Airport, the heart of Abu Dhabi, and the city of Dubai (50 minutes away).
  • Having the ability to attend industry-related seminars and roadshows on campus and elsewhere.

Twofour54 allows for the creation of a wide variety of legal entities

  • An FZ-LLC is a separate legal entity that can have either private or public companies as stockholders.
  • Branches are available to both UAE-based and international businesses.
  • Independent contractors: this is the perfect situation for one-person media companies.
  • Startups target specifically to those who make digital media.

There is no registration fee for most sorts of businesses, but it costs AED 3,500 to form a FZ-LLC or a branch office.

Essentially, twofour54 is a pioneering free zone that provides a unique setting for media creation, development, and collaboration, supported by appealing perks and adaptable revenue models.

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