Maintain proper books of accounts is essential to the sustainability of your company. Accurate accounting will enable you to make informed decisions to the company. Start-ups and small and medium scale companies may not keep their books at the time of incorporation of the company and may focus on lifting the business.
For the best understating of initial expenses and classification of expenses to assets and the capital it is important to maintain proper records from the date of company formation. Backlog accounting is well-versed in the commercial laws and regulations in UAE. They can assist businesses in understanding the legal requirements related to record-keeping, financial reporting, and tax compliance, thereby ensuring that businesses operate within the legal framework.

Systematic record of accounting transaction is important in changing scenario of UAE tax laws. Proper records of books help to reduce the difficulty of maintaining manual or excel sheet data. 3A Global serves end to end accounting service by checking the back dated data of the company from the date of formation and update in the system

Benefits of Backlog Accounting

  • Provides vital information for the decision making
  • Revenue recognition
  • Compliance with relevant laws
  • Helps in accurate financial reporting
  • Offers current and up to date information
  • Faultless keeping of books of accounts
  • Ensures business analysis

3A global helps in updating backlog accounting transactions from incorporation till date,

Our accounting experts collect the required documents after identify the nature of the business and mode of operation, and update in the accounting system. Which will allows to make necessary reports such as Balance sheet, profit and loss account, cash flow statement, Ageing reports etc.

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