One of the fastest growing free zones in the Middle East is the Dubai Airport Free zone (DAFZA), which offers investors attractive benefits. DAFZA is the most advantageous of the UAE Free Zones in Dubai. Its benefits much beyond those of any other location of Dubai.

Businesses looking to launch operations in the Middle East should use DAFZA because of its illustrious reputation and state-of-the-art infrastructure. The free zone offers a convenient location for conducting business, as well as first-rate facilities, tax breaks, the freedom to keep all of one’s money, full control over their property, and other perks. Its convenient proximity to Dubai International Airport facilitates rapid customs clearance and expedited paperwork processing, which in turn boosts company activity and productivity.

DAFZA offers following licensing options:

Dubai Airport Free Zone Trade License

Any business involving the import, export, re-export, distribution, or storage of products requires a valid Dubai Airport Free Zone trade license.

DAFZA Service License

DAFZA service license is a type of business license that is specifically designed to allow the delivery of services. It’s recommended to talk to sales reps before applying for a service license to make sure the right category is chosen.

DAFZA Industrial License

In order to engage in light manufacturing, packaging, and assembly, one needs to obtain a DAFZA industrial license.

DAFZA General Trading License

The holder of a DAFZA General Trading license is authorized to engage in a variety of commercial undertakings, including but not limited to importing, exporting, re-exporting, warehousing, and distributing goods.

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