Through an Emiri Decree issued in December 2009, RAK Maritime City (RMC) was formed as a free zone, providing access to a variety of international port facilities and commercial services for businesses in need of a safe and productive working environment.

RAK Maritime City offers a wide range of services to enterprises in a number of different sectors, including dedicated areas for retail, warehousing, cargo handling, industrial production and manufacture, tank storage, shipbuilding, and repairs. Its proximity to the Strait of Hormuz allows for significant fuel savings and streamlined port operations.

The huge RAK Maritime Zone is subdivided into zoned plots that can house enterprises of varied sizes and in a wide range of industries. Businesses that are looking for a simplified setup with the benefits of a free zone framework are drawn to the free zone because of its extensive infrastructure and the modern, state-of-the-art harbor facilities.

Why Should You Setup a Company in RAK Maritime City

  • Total Control of the Business
  • Total non taxable income
  • Totally Foreign Capital
  • No Tariffs or Duties Paid at the Border
  • Possibility of using cutting-edge ways of transport and communication
  • International Market Exposure
  • Return of all earnings and investments in full
  • Policy flexibility regarding the recruitment of international workers
  • Less complicated rules for starting a company

RAK Maritime City Licenses

  • The first type of license, known as a commercial license, authorizes the import, export, sale, distribution, and storage of the licensed goods.
  • To sell more than seven distinct products requires a General Trading License, which is an expansion of the Commercial License.
  •  if you have an industrial license, you can bring in raw materials to make, process, and assemble a set of products.

Categories of RAK Maritime City Corporations

  • Free Zone Establishment
  • Free Zone Company
  • Local Branch
  • Foreign Branch

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