Because of its convenient proximity to Sharjah International Airport, the Sharjah Airport International Free Zone (SAIF) has quickly become an important economic center. SAIF has been around since 1995, and in that time it has built a solid foundation by providing a wide variety of commercial tenants with flexible office, warehouse, and land lease options. SAIF, one of the oldest and most developed free zones in the UAE, is distinguished by its unusually green surroundings and is home to almost 7,000 businesses.

SAIF’s convenient location makes it a good fit for small and medium-sized trading, manufacturing, and logistics companies looking for a low-cost base in the United Arab Emirates. Its proximity to major seaports and airports, including Sharjah International Airport, makes it a desirable location for companies concerned with transportation.

Facilities in the SAIF Free Zone

  • Warehouses with fully furnished offices, including air conditioning, a pantry, and a kitchen, are only one example of the wide variety of SAIF’s fully functional facilities. As a result, less money is needed to equip warehouses. Office space is 22 square meters, while warehouse sizes begin at 125 square meters. Sizes of 250, 400, and 600 square meters are also available.
  • SAIF provides a variety of office options, each with state-of-the-art telecommunications and information technology systems:
  • The SAIF Suite is an upscale office space that sleeps 8, is air conditioned, and comes fully furnished.
  • Five visas are available in a furnished, air-conditioned executive desk in the SAIF Executive Office.
  • The SAIF office is unfurnished but otherwise flexible, and it comes with all utilities and three visa allocations.
  • SAIF also features employee housing, parking for shipping containers, short-term storage, and a Jewelry Park designed specifically for the manufacture and trade of jewelry.

Different Types of Permits

Trading, service, and industrial licenses are the three primary types available in SAIF Free Zone. A separate license is needed for each category in which a license is needed. Internet sales are covered under the terms of the Service agreement.

List of Common Commercial Pursuits

  • SAIF offers a wide variety of services, including the uncommon but highly sought after “Investment of own funds.” The licensed products may be stored, consolidated, manufactured, and assembled.
  • Licensing Freedom:While SAIF permits a wide variety of uses for a single permit, certain of those uses may incur additional payments. However, SAIF does not publish its whole list of activities, thus availability must be confirmed.

For businesses looking to set up shop in Sharjah, the Sharjah Airport International Free Zone (SAIF) is an attractive option due to its long history, adaptability, convenient location, and extensive set of amenities.

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