Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi (KIZAD) is a 417-square-kilometer industrial park conveniently located between the cities of Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Because of its proximity to Khalifa Port, a major deep-sea port in the United Arab Emirates, KIZAD is an important economic node.

The Khalifa Port Free Trade Zone (KPFTZ), which is located within KIZAD and is owned by Abu Dhabi Ports, is a project aimed at attracting international investment to the UAE’s capital region. Significant foreign direct investments, including approximately two billion dollars from the People’s Republic of China, have helped establish this massive free zone as the largest in the Middle East. KIZAD’s inclusion as a vital part of China’s grand Belt & Road plan is remarkable.

COSCO, a major leader in the international shipping industry, has chosen KIZAD as its regional base, where it will operate a cutting-edge container terminal. This semi-automated terminal features a massive Container Freight Station (CFS) that is 275,000 square meters in size.

Advantages Of  Khalifa Industrial Zone-KIZAD

Strategically Located in the Middle

  • Abu Dhabi has unrivaled access to over 4.5 billion consumers across four different time zones because of its strategic location at the crossroads of key growth regions such as the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia.

Simplified Business Procedures

  • By working together with government bodies to reduce bureaucratic processes and paperwork, Abu Dhabi Ports and KIZAD enable a seamless setup and operational landscape.

Competitive Cost Structure

  • Abu Dhabi Ports offers cutting-edge services at affordable rates, with the semi-automated container terminal at Khalifa Port serving as a prime example of the port’s cutting-edge technological infrastructure.

Industry Leadership

  • When it comes to improving the flow of materials and goods across the Emirate, Abu Dhabi Ports doesn’t stop at the boundaries of individual businesses; rather, it collaborates with a wide range of local organizations, government bodies, and entities to do so.

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