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How To Register a Clinic in Dubai?

Clinics in Dubai are preferred by many in the healthcare industry and by investors. Because the maintenance costs associated with them compared to full-fledged hospitals. Both the Dubai mainland and the free zone, and in particular Dubai Healthcare City, are viable possibilities for establishing a medical facility. Before beginning the setup process, it is crucial to undertake extensive market research and speak with experts in the field.

How to establish a medical clinic in Dubai
  • Order of business is to secure the clinic’s trade name. To achieve this, simply fill out and submit the trade name application form on the DED‘s Dubai website.
  • Get initial approval from the DED. For this, you’ll need to fill out a second application and attach a copy of your passport.
  • The Dubai Municipality must give their stamp of approval to the clinic’s architectural plan before construction can begin.
  • Approval letter from the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). The DHA is responsible for overseeing and regulating Dubai’s healthcare facilities. It needs following documents.
    1. Passport and visa copies,
    2. DED-approved trade name reservation document,
    3. Owner-signed DHA agreement,
    4. Plan approval document,
    5. Dubai Municipality-issued affection plan
  • Document Preparation and Submission: Draft and submit all necessary documents, such as the leasing agreement and the Memorandum of Association.
  • Submit all required paperwork and payments to the DED for final approval.
    1. Included in this are the original permission copy
    2. Appointment of a Medical Director with the owner’s No Objection Certificate (NOC)
    3. Details about the Medical Director and other healthcare professionals
    4. Submit the building agreement.
    5. After assessing the application materials, the DED will issue the required business
  • Obtaining a DHA License: Register with the DHA’s website, fill out an application, and include details on the clinic’s medical staff. After examining all of the paperwork and consents, the DHA will grant the license.
There are several opportunities and benefits to establishing a medical clinic in Dubai.
  • International patients are attracted to Dubai’s world-class medical facilities because of the city’s reputation as a top medical tourism destination.
  • The growth of Dubai’s healthcare industry can be attributed to several factors, including the city’s expat population and the requirement for residents to have health insurance.
  • To address the expanding need for healthcare, the government supports the PPP model, which invites private companies to partner with the public sector.
  • Clinics are considered vital public utility services in Dubai, therefore opening one ensures a consistent stream of revenue for investors.

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