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How To Sponsor Your Family In UAE

In Dubai, sponsoring a family visa is now simpler thanks to recent legal changes. It used to be difficult for freelancers and consultants to sponsor family members because only professionals could do so. But the procedure has been simplified by the new rules.

The sponsor must earn a minimum salary in order to sponsor a family visa in Dubai. The minimum monthly income requirement for male sponsors is AED 4,000 (or AED 3,000 with housing), while the requirement for female sponsors is AED 10,000 (or AED 8,000 with housing). The General Directorate of Residency and Foreign Affairs Dubai (GDRFA), which sponsors family visas, must grant specific approval to female expats.

Employment contracts, salary slips, Emirates IDs, passports, residence permits, tenancy agreements, utility bills, marriage certificates (attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the home country and the UAE for sponsoring a wife), and birth certificates (attested) are just a few of the documents that must be provided by the sponsor. All family members requesting a residence visa must also provide medical fitness test results.

Currently, it is not possible to sponsor siblings for a visa in Dubai. However, a sibling’s 90-day visitor visa might be sponsored by an expatriate resident.

The sponsor must meet the minimum salary criterion and present evidence of the marriage, such as a certified and translated marriage certificate, in order to sponsor a wife’s family visa.

Obtaining an entry permit and submitting a status change application are necessary when sponsoring a relative for residence in Dubai. The relative is required to submit the necessary paperwork, including passports, entry permits, birth certificates, and Emirates ID applications, as well as to undergo a medical examination and obtain medical insurance that has been authorized by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). It normally takes 15 to 17 working days to stamp a visa.

For foreign citizens having a resident visa for the UAE, sponsoring parents is available in Dubai. The sponsor is required to pay the required minimum wage and offer accommodations. Additional paperwork, a pay certificate, and parental health insurance are needed. For a one-year stay, a deposit fee can also be necessary. Except in situations involving death or divorce, both parents must be sponsored jointly. The parents must go through security checks and medical fitness evaluations.

These instructions describe how to sponsor family members or other close relatives in Dubai so they can get family visas and live in the UAE.

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