Abu Dhabi Zones Corp has become a hive of economic activity thanks to the presence of more than 600 well-known worldwide firms operating in a wide range of industries there. Zones Corp, originally known as the Higher Corporation for Specialized Economic Zones, was founded in 2004 with the mission of developing and promoting Abu Dhabi’s industrial cities. This dynamic organization has, over time, created six world-class industrial zones, which together account for roughly half of the emirate’s GDP. Zones Corp has gained worldwide prominence as a premier location for new company ventures due to its business-friendly policies, first-rate infrastructure, and generous government incentives.

Zones Corp’s success as a free zone is a tribute to the government’s foresight and careful management. The industrial landscape of Abu Dhabi owes a great deal to the presence of this free zone. It has used its advantageous incentives, first-rate facilities, and business-friendly atmosphere to present a compelling offer to potential financiers.

In the present day, Abu Dhabi Zones Corp is home to a plethora of training facilities, guaranteeing that companies establishing themselves there will have access to highly trained teams and personnel.

Importantly, unlike other Abu Dhabi free zones, Abu Dhabi Zones Corp gives an Industrial License solely. This permits the formation of a wide variety of legal entities inside Zones Corp, including but not limited to general partnerships, limited liability partnerships, private joint stock companies, branches, joint venture businesses, and others.

Zones Corp offers a wide variety of advantages

  • Tax exemption
  • Profits and investments are fully repatriated.
  • Bring in equipment and materials without paying import duties
  • Environment friendly to business
  • Economies of scale and scope from being near related businesses
  • Labor processes that are streamlined
  • Helping clients with their investments
  • Location near both Jebel Ali and Abu Dhabi airports
  • Benefit from synergies within industry value chains with a zoning concept based on clusters.
  • Chemicals, food and beverages, oil and gas, construction materials, leather and textile products, engineering and metals, product assembly, wood and paper products, fiberglass and plastics, and many more are all legal business activities within Abu Dhabi Zones Corp.

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