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You can launch a mainland firm in Abu Dhabi with a full foreign ownership FDI license.

Foreign investors in Abu Dhabi can now acquire 100% ownership of their firms thanks to a new breakthrough program. The Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development has introduced an FDI license that allows for a wide variety of business operations and promotes long-term growth. To encourage international investment and foster a welcoming business climate, this license is made accessible to corporations with a starting capital of Dh 2 million.

Aligning with UAE federal law, the implementation of the FDI license seeks to improve the local investment environment, increase investment opportunities, and foster a more optimistic investment atmosphere. The law, which was passed in 2018 and went into force in April 2020, safeguards the interests of international investors and boosts Abu Dhabi’s appeal as a place to put money.

Obtaining the “foreign direct investment” label is the third and final step in the three-step procedure that begins with submitting an application. Agriculture, manufacturing, services, and more are all included in the scope of the license.

By enforcing the FDI rule, Abu Dhabi hopes to attract more speculative money, diversify domestic production, and improve exports of finished goods and services. It also encourages the formation of laws that safeguard investors’ interests.

While the FDI license covers a wide range of commercial endeavors, it does not apply to postal services, telecommunications, petroleum exploration, transportation services, banking, and a few others.

In sum, the allowance of full foreign ownership on Abu Dhabi’s mainland offers a great chance for businesses to enter the Middle Eastern market and help drive economic development there.

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