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What Is Etihad Score-UAE Credit Score?

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) provides residents and businesses with access to official credit reports or Etihad score. It includes the  payment histories and outstanding debts. These reports educate applicants on their current and potential debt loads, empowering them to make better borrowing and budgeting choices in the future.

Included in a person’s credit report or Etihad score are details on their identity, their payment history, and any records of late payments or failed checks. Financial institutions, telecommunications providers, and utility providers, among others, are providing this data in accordance with federal regulations. Credit reports are used by financial institutions as a basis for granting loans, credit cards, and other forms of credit to individuals and businesses.

Al Etihad Credit Bureau is a government-owned Public Joint Stock Company that offers free credit reports or Etihad score to individuals who visit one of its service locations. You’ll need to pay using a credit, debit, or eDirham card and show your original Emirates ID card and a copy of your passport.

The legal section at Al Etihad Credit Bureau will approve any business requests for commercial credit reports. Applying requires bringing the original, valid Emirates ID card of the owner or authorized signatory, the original, valid trade license of the firm, the original, valid Articles of Association of the firm, a valid email address, and payment via credit, debit, or eDirham cards to one of their customer services centers.

Credit reports give consumers and businesses important information about their financial health, allowing for more informed budgeting, planning, and decision-making.

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