Sharjah has made significant efforts in recent years to establish an entrepreneur-friendly atmosphere, making it a desirable location in which to launch a company. Sharjah’s administration, learning from Dubai’s example, has taken the initiative to enact regulations designed to entice foreign investors. It is now easier than ever to set up shop in one of Sharjah’s five free zones, and among them, the U.S.A. Regional Trade Center (USARTC) stands out as a top contender. When Sharjah set out to become an international business hub and encourage an investment-driven economy in 2011, it knew that USARTC would play a crucial role.

USARTC is an organization dedicated to helping small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) increase their trade in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) area. It helps small and medium-sized businesses immensely by easing their path to discovering new markets, breaking into those markets, and establishing a strong foothold in the United Arab Emirates and abroad.


The U.S.A. Regional Trade Center Provides the Following Services

  1. Services Offered Include Advice to Businesses, Help with Logistics
  2. Conference Organization, and Import/Export Support.
  3. Services for Dissemination
  4. Help with Business Planning and Expansion

Advantages of Opting for the U.S.A. Regional Trade Center

  • No corporate tax
  • no import or export tax
  • no individual tax
  • no currency restrictions
  • Complete Foreign Ownership of Companies
  • Personalized Investment in the Prosperity of American Enterprise and the Economy
  • Flexible, Individualized Support
  • Easy Entry into the MENA Market
  • Rapid Establishment of a Local Foothold

Facilities Provided by the U.S.A. Regional Trade Center

  • There are serviced offices, which are either fully furnished or left unfurnished executive suites of 180 square feet to 480 square feet along with a variety of services and amenities such as a mailing address, phone lines, high-speed internet, conference rooms, a reception area, security, secretarial services, and more.
  • virtual offices provide a convenient option for businesses that do not require traditional office space by providing administrative support, such as receptionist services, email management, fax transmission, mail collecting, and a respectable company address.
  • Rooms for meetings, presentations, training, and seminars that are outfitted with modern conveniences including flat screens, high-speed internet, whiteboards, projectors, and video-conferencing technology.
  • Premium 12,000 square feet of exhibition space is available, giving American businesses a place to display their wares to customers in the MENA region.

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