Trade Mark Services in the UAE:-For our clients’ trademarks, logos, slogans, packaging, and other intellectual property, we provide in-depth consultation on everything from brand selection to clearance searches.

Successful companies rely heavily on their trademarks, and our trademark attorneys can help with everything from licensing and assignment to infringement and enforcement to litigation and anti-counterfeiting actions before customs and other administrative enforcement authorities.

Major trade mark services in the UAE

1. Taking administrative action, conducting raids, and seizing counterfeit goods are all examples of anti-counterfeiting measures.
2. Helping resolve trademark-related disputes through arbitration and other means of conflict resolution.
3. Helping out in the purchase or sale of trademark rights.
4. Changes in business structure that have an impact on trademarks need to be addressed.
5. Resolving trademark-related domain name issues.
6. Checking on the legality of using a trademark.
7. Trademark infringement, unfair competition, and passing off are all concerns that need to be addressed and protected.
8. Conducting trademark searches and keeping tabs on potential infringers.
9. Advocating for clients in court.
10. Skillful administration of registered trademark holdings.
11. Providing a service to look for and clear trademarks.
12. Handling the paperwork involved in registering and defending a trademark.

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