Trade Finance Advisory Services

The following services are provide by 3A Global in Trade Finance Advisory (Local & International)

  • Import LC issuance
  • Import LC confirmation and discounting facility to the beneficiary / supplier
  • Export LC confirmation and discounting
  • Issuance of Letters of Guarantees (LGs)
  • Local Bill Discounting facilities with banks
  • Availed Draft discounting facilities
  • Trust Receipt (TR facility) facility for sight LCs
  • Usance LC Finance
  • Invoice Discount Facility

Others services provided in UAE :

  • New account opening
  • Advisory service on facilities with banks
  • Introduction into new international markets/banks
  • Country Reports on International Markets
  • Progress Payment Certificate facilities for construction industry
  • Advisory Service for Loan Restructuring discussion with banks
  • Consultancy Service for Local and International Investments
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