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The steps for obtaining a dependent visa in the UAE

With approximately 89% of the population being foreigners, the UAE has earned a reputation for being kind to immigrants. The spouses and kids of foreign nationals living and working in Dubai or other Emirates are able to join them thanks to the dependent visa in the UAE. Family members can visit and stay with their sponsor with the help of a UAE dependent visa.

Depending on the relationship between the sponsor and the dependent, there are various types of dependent visas in the UAE. 

Different types of dependent visas
  1. Husband financially supports wife and kids
  2. Husband sponsors family
  3. The sponsors parents

The spouse, kids, and parents of those working in Dubai or any other Emirate are all eligible for sponsorship of a dependent visa in the UAE. This comprises:

  • Partner
  • Sons under the age of 25 – Daughters who are not married
    the parents

Domestic helpers may also be sponsored by expatriates in the UAE who have both a work permit and a resident permit. When requesting a family dependent visa for the UAE, it is crucial to follow the precise guidelines established by the immigration department of the UAE.

The following paperwork is usually needed to apply for sponsorship of a dependent visa for the UAE:
  • A fully filled out application – Images of the family members applying
  • Copies of each family member’s passport
  • A marriage license, if you’re financing a wife.
  • A child’s birth certificate
  • A registered lease agreement – A copy of the sponsor’s work contract – A certificate attesting to the sponsor’s good health.
  • An employer-issued salary certificate

Family members must meet stringent wage standards, with employed male residents needing to earn at least AED 4,000 per month including housing. A wife cannot sponsor her husband and children unless she makes at least AED 3,500 per month, plus housing expenses.

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