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Tax Benefits In Dubai

There are many tax benefits in Dubai. The high standard of living and tax-free status of Dubai are attracting a significant number of expats. Despite the fact that Dubai does not impose income taxes.

No Income Tax for Individuals

Dubai is regarded a tax haven because individuals working in the UAE are exempt from income taxes. The UAE Federal Government has stated  that income from various sources, including salary, benefits, investments etc will not be taxed. In addition, startups, small enterprises, and independent contractors receive tax breaks and exemptions. However, if you are subject to taxation in your native country and earn a substantial income in Dubai, you may still be taxed there.

Different Taxes in UAE


In 2018, Value-Added Tax (VAT) was implemented in Dubai at a standard rate of 5%. It is crucial to note that certain goods and services are exempt from VAT, despite the fact that this rate is relatively low compared to that of many other nations. Under certain conditions, VAT-registered enterprises can request refunds from tax authorities.

Excise Tax

In 2017, the UAE enacted an excise tax, which is an indirect tax imposed on specific products deemed hazardous to health or the environment. The purpose of excise tax is to reduce consumption and generate revenue for public services. carbonated beverages, energy drinks, and tobacco products are Included. Tax rates differ based on the type of product.

Corporate Tax

Dubai has its own corporate tax regulations, which apply predominantly to gas and petroleum companies as well as foreign bank branches operating in the Emirate. The tax rate for gas and oil companies domiciled in Dubai is 55%, while the tax rate for foreign bank branches is approximately 20%. Foreign dividends, interest, and royalties are not subject to withholding taxes.

Taxes in Dubai Free Zones

Dubai’s Free Zones provide international enterprises with tax incentives, such as corporate tax exemptions for up to 50 years. Within free zones, there are no withholding taxes or capital gains taxes, and profits can be freely transferred.

Other Indirect Taxes

Dubai government imposes additional indirect taxes. These include a 10% municipal tax on hotels, entertainment venues, and commercial space rentals, a 5% municipal tax on residential property rentals, charges imposed by the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority on utility bills, a 50% tax on imported alcoholic beverages, and a 30% tax on the purchase of alcoholic beverages.

Above taxes shows the tax benefits in Dubai compared to other parts of world.

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