sell their own NFT as a freelancer

How To Sell NFT as a freelancer In UAE

With only a few easy steps, anyone in the UAE may create and sell their own NFT as a freelancer. The procedure is outlined below.

  1. Select a market to mint your NFT on, such as OpenSea, Rarible, SuperRare, or the NFT ShowRoom.
  1. Create an electronic wallet: To send and receive money online, create an electronic wallet such as MetaMask, Ethereum, or Polygon. Think about whether or not your NFT marketplace of choice is compatible with your mobile app of choice.
  1. Include digital cash by putting it in your wallet via means such as Apple Pay or a debit card.
  1. Make your NFT by selecting the “create” button on your preferred marketplace platform and then uploading the digital file you wish to convert into an NFT. Commonly allowed file types include PNG, GIF, MP4, WEBP, and MP3. Artist, title, website, short description, quantity available, and blockchain technology all helpful.
  1. Advertise your NFT for sale: Fix a price, hold an unlimited auction, or hold a timed auction to sell your artwork. It’s important to find a happy medium when setting a starting bid in a timed auction.
  1. The fees associated with offering your NFT for sale, creating your NFT, paying a commission, and completing a transaction should all be taken into account. Think about these things as you decide on a pricing.
  1. Make sure people know about your NFTs by advertising them on your website, via email newsletters, and throughout social media.

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