There are strict regulations in place in the UAE to govern all products sold in the domestic market, regardless of whether they are created locally or abroad. To protect the health, safety, and hygiene of the local people from potential threats posed by the import of fake or otherwise harmful products, product registration in Dubai is mandatory. Registration of all items in Dubai is required in order to standardize the processes of importing, producing, and marketing them. Local producers and importers alike are subject to the product registration mandated by the municipality in charge of each emirate.

1. Regional Producers:

All products made in the UAE, whether they be food, cosmetics, or anything else, must be registered with the Dubai Municipality. The company’s representatives must talk to the Consumer Products Safety Section to get registered. Before entering the UAE market, they should also check that their items have the appropriate certifications.

2. Product Importers:

Companies producing goods in other countries that plan to sell them in Dubai are required by law to register with Dubai Municipality. Company reps are obligated to check that the products have been legally registered before the shipment reaches Dubai, UAE.

Dubai Municipality (and other municipalities in the emirates) use the same procedure for product registration. In order to legally sell their wares in the emirate, businesses need to register them with the local government. Products must be registered with Dubai Municipality, for instance, if a company’s trade license is issued in Dubai. After gaining approval from Dubai Municipality, the company is free to sell its wares throughout the entire United Arab Emirates.

Things to keep in mind while registering a product

1. Before beginning the product registration process, businesses in Dubai proper or any of the free zones must first get a valid license.

2. Businesses need to submit a Products Registration Service Application, along with the required registration fees and product details, to the local municipality. It is necessary to register each product individually if there are variations in the product’s size, packaging, quality, or number.

3. After the application and supporting documentation have been reviewed, if the product is in compliance with rules, Dubai Municipality will issue an electronic registration certificate. A five-year registration period has been granted. In the event that the application is challenged, the applicant must respond appropriately and submit supporting materials.

Finally, product registration in Dubai, UAE is essential for safeguarding customers and maintaining quality standards upon the introduction of new products to the market.

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