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New Visit Visa Rules -UAE

The UAE has recently instituted several changes in visit visa rules for the year 2023 in order to streamline the visa application process for expats. These modifications are intended to expedite the visa issuance procedure and reinstate pre-COVID procedures. The UAE cabinet-approved Advanced Visa System has led to the introduction of ten categories of entry visas and residence permits, targeting the industrial and business sectors in particular. The changes in visit visa rules explains in details below.

Main Changes in Visit Visa Rules-2023

  • The UAE visas will no longer be inscribed on passports. This new system offers greater transparency and allows visa and Emirates ID applications to be tracked through a single interface.
  • Visitors can now extend their visa for one month. But they must leave the country for subsequent extensions.
  • Visa fees and Emirates ID are increased by AED 100 to AED 370.
  • A new 5-year multiple-entry visa has been implemented. This visa requires self-sponsorship and the submission of a variety of documents, including bank statements, evidence of UAE health insurance, copies of flight tickets, and proof of UAE residency.
  • Visitors who overstay their authorized stay will be required to pay an overstay fine. In addition, travelers leaving Dubai must pay an additional fee for an exit permit.
  • The availability of 30-day visit visas. The previously discontinued 60-day visit visa has been reinstated. 
  • Individuals can now obtain jobseeker visas without a sponsor or host. 
  • The UAE continues to offer 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day tourism visas, with both single-entry and multiple-entry options. There are also transit visas valid for 48 or 96 hours, but they cannot be extended or renewed.
  • The platinum visa is now valid without exception for ten years, and its holders can sponsor family members and domestic support workers.


Above showcased main changes in visit visa rules of UAE in the year of 2023

Whether you are interested in establishing a business, pursuing a career, or investigating tourism opportunities in the UAE, it is recommended that you remain up-to-date on the latest visa rules and click here for more information.

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