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Launch a Transportation Company in Dubai?

Dubai’s thriving economy and welcoming business climate have made it a popular choice among investors from all over the world. When it comes to warehousing and international shipment, businesses of all sizes greatly benefit from the assistance of transport company in Dubai.

Step-by-step guide to start a Transport Company in Dubai

  1. Decide What Kind of Transportation Business You Want to Start. Depending on where you’ll be operating, there are many kinds of transportation companies you can launch. There are a wide variety of transportation services available, from those that take passengers to those that rent cars, motorcycles, refrigerated trucks, oil tankers, large and light vehicles, boats, and even specialized machinery.
  2. Give a Detailed Business Proposal: Draft a detailed business proposal for your Dubai-based transportation company. Dubai’s innovative free zones attract foreign investors by providing them with preferential tax treatment and industry-specific business services.
  3. Decide on a name for your company, keeping in mind the stringent naming requirements imposed by the UAE Registry Office.
  4. Notarization of MOA and AOA: your firm’s MOA and AOA should be notarized by the Department of Economic Development in Dubai (D-DED).
  5. Apply for a Commercial License: To operate a transportation business in Dubai, you must first apply for a commercial license. Various government departments are responsible for each of these processes. Submit an application for a free zone license with the Dubai Department of Economic Development, and then get your transportation company license from the National Transport Authority. Include notarized copies of the MOA and AOA as well as copies of the stakeholders’ passports, the commercial license, the managers’ and stakeholders’ personal information, proof of trade name reservation, proof of initial activity approval, and any other necessary papers.
  6. Obtaining a trade license and a residency visa is necessary to work in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). A biometric scan and a medical check are two of the many requirements for obtaining a visa. You can help others get visas, too, if you have a business license from the United Arab Emirates.
  7. Establish a corporate bank account: Opening a bank account in Dubai is made easier for international businesspeople seeking transportation company licenses. The average time to open an account is 15 business days.

Benefits to launching a transportation business in Dubai
  • Favorable tax treatment
  • Pros of Free Trade Zones
  • Low Customs Rates
  • There are no minimum capital requirements, trading restrictions, government agency partnerships, free visas, and a rapidly expanding economy.
  • The ability to import and export
  • Availability of cheap sources of energy

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