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Invest in Dubai (IID) integrated platform.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, introduced the “Invest in Dubai” (IID) integrated platform. With the help of this program, entrepreneurs will advance and thrive, and Dubai will be promoted as an all-inclusive business location.

By establishing a platform loaded with clever ideas and utilizing considerable research, Dubai is aggressively inviting businesses from all over the world. The portal helps companies set up their legal entities in Dubai’s free zones and on the mainland. It spans a wide spectrum of commercial endeavors, including cutting-edge manufacturing, media and entertainment, Islamic economics, healthcare, energy, electronics, and more. Additionally, it helps business owners acquire residence permits, work permits, employment visas, and other required papers.

The following are Invest in Dubai’s (IID) salient characteristics
  1. IID is the first digital portal that has been effectively integrated into Dubai’s corporate environment.
  1. Assistance with Business Setup: The platform, including the free zones, has effectively helped about 2,000 enterprises launch operations in Dubai.
  2. Access to a Commercial License: Companies can obtain a commercial license by enrolling in the IID procedure.
  3. Standardized Procedures: IID provides standardized procedures, removing the necessity for actual in-person visits to service centers and allowing enterprises to easily meet their needs.
  4. Immediate Needs: The site helps with immediate needs including creating bank accounts, obtaining UAE establishment cards, and obtaining services necessary for forming a company entity in Dubai.
  5. Interactive Tools: IID offers unique interactive tools, such the “Dubai Business Map,” to assist people in gaining knowledge about the best business possibilities in Dubai.
  6. Free Zone Advice: IID provides intelligent advice for establishing operations in the free zones and helps companies choose the best zone for their operations.
IID’s two main facilities
  1. Centralized Portal: Without requiring new or current enterprises to physically visit service centers, IID helps them through the full setup procedure. It offers information about the economy, investment prospects, business sites (on the mainland or in free zones), rivalry, and start-up expenses.
  2. Comprehensive Experience: IID provides a complete package to help local and international business owners develop their enterprises. It encompasses all required government clearances as well as the business planning cycle. Customers gain from a comprehensive dashboard that is made just for them and updates them on their business apps.

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