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How To Start A Limousine Service In Dubai?

Staring a successful limousine service in Dubai needs some research and strategy. To run a limousine service company in Dubai, follow the steps detailed below.

  1. you’ll need to choose a trade name that is both distinct and available, then register it with the DED.
  2. Collect All Necessary Documents.
  3. Apply for a provisional license from the RTA and enroll in training. To qualify, one must prove the/she can drive a limousine safely and responsibly by passing both a written and driving exam.
  4. Once your company has passed the road test and the inspector will award you the certificate of approval. After receiving the establishment Card, you can register your business and employees with the Ministry of Labor.
  5. Memorandum of Association (MOA): Write a MOA defining your company’s goals, structure, and operations and have it notarized.
  6. Office Space Requirement: A 225-square-foot space is required as your primary business office.
  7. submit your business feasibility study to the Road & Transport Authority (RTA) for approval.
  8. Show the RTA that you have AED 5 million bank deposit.
  9. Have at least 20 vehicles in your fleet to accommodate customer demand.
  10. Agreement with RTA: As part of opening your limousine service, you must sign an agreement with the RTA.
The Expenses of Maintaining a Limousine Service Company in Dubai

Different fleet sizes, car prices, marketing budgets, and maintenance schedules all contribute to different estimates for what it takes to run a limousine service in Dubai. The first investment can cost anywhere from AED 51,400 to AED 110,000.

Understanding the legal regulations, financial planning, and operational aspects of starting a limousine service in Dubai is essential

Why does the selection of the right business consultants matter?

When starting a limousine service company in Dubai, the most important thing is selecting an experienced business consultant. They will ensure that your  licensing and other tasks like accounting, bookkeeping, and bank account opening are executed without delay and mistakes. This is crucial because choosing a substandard agency to save a small amount of money can lead to significant trouble. The rules and regulations are complex, and without the right knowledge of packages, you may lose a significant amount of money during renewal or liquidation, etc.

How 3A Global Corporate Services Provider Can help Your Business?

To get a limousine service license in Dubai requires assistance from experienced and talented professionals. We have 16 years of experience in company formation  in the UAE. Feel free to contact us for expert advice.

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