How To Start A Fashion Design Company In Dubai?

Follow these seven steps if you want to start a fashion company in Dubai, United Arab Emirates:

Step 1: Pick a business name: Avoid using unpleasant or obscene language or making religious allusions when choosing a name for your fashion design business.

Step 2: Determine your line of business From the Dubai Department of Economic Development’s list, pick the ventures that apply to your fashion design company. On your license application, it’s critical to list all of your business activities.

Step 3: Select the legal system for your company: Depending on the nature of your fashion business, choose between setting up a free zone company or a mainland firm. While mainland corporations demand a local sponsor owning 51% of the shares, free zone enterprises provide foreign nationals 100% ownership.

Step 4: Send your application for a license to the Department of Economic Development of Dubai. A seamless application process may be ensured with the help of 3AGlobal

Step 5: Submit a visa application Apply for a resident visa for the UAE, which has many requirements, such as a medical exam and biometric scanning. You might be able to sponsor visas for family members and employees depending on your license.

Step 6: Open a corporate bank account. To start doing business, open a corporate bank account for your fashion design business. This last action might be guided by 3AGlobal.

Detailed business plans, license applications, completed company name registrations, initial approval certificates from the Department of Economic Development, tenancy contracts (if applicable), Memorandum of Association (MOA) documents, passport copies of shareholders and directors, and passport-sized photos are all needed to launch a fashion business in Dubai.

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