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How To Start A Day Care In Dubai ?

You can follow these nine steps to start a day care business in Dubai, United Arab Emirates:

Step 1:choose and register a company name that complies with UAE’s naming regulations.

Step 2: Determine your line of work For your license application, specify in detail the activities of your daycare service. To prevent fines, make sure all pertinent activities are reported.

step 3: Select between Mainland Companies and Free Zone Companies. Foreign nationals are allowed 100% ownership in free zone businesses, however additional procedures are required to conduct legitimate business in the UAE. Companies based in the mainland permit trading without additional processes but call for a local sponsor owning 51% of the shares.

Step 4: Pick a place: For the convenience of the parents, find a good place that is preferably close to commercial areas.

Step 5: Gather the required paperwork Obtain the necessary paperwork for your license application, which includes a business strategy, a completed license application, copies of your passport and education certificates, a Dubai Police Clearance Certificate, a lease agreement, and endorsements from the necessary government agencies.

Step 6: Obtain a business license The Departments of Economic Development, Civil Defense, and Public Health in Dubai accept applications for business licenses for daycare facilities. The approval process will include background checks.

Step 7: Employ teachers and personnel who are qualified: To offer daycare services, make sure you select skilled personnel, teachers, and experienced assistants. Think about asking for help from staffing solution providers or recruitment agencies.

step 9: Open a corporate bank account and submit a visa application after receiving the license. You may be permitted to sponsor visas for relatives and employees, subject to the restrictions on your license.

Remember to take into account elements like the requirement for knowledgeable and trained employees, suitable equipment for children’s safety and comfort, and company insurance coverage when opening a day care business in Dubai.

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