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How to Register a Virtual Company in Dubai

The traditional route for entrepreneurs wanting to set up shop in Dubai was moving their operations to the United Arab Emirates. The introduction of the Dubai virtual company license, however, has made it possible for business owners anywhere in the globe to reap the benefits of Dubai company ownership. With this digital license, people from all around the world can do business online without physically being in the Emirates.

There are requirements that must be satisfied before a virtual corporation may be granted a license
  • U.A.E. nationals are not eligible to receive the license.
  • The virtual license is restricted to business owners who are legal citizens of one of 101 countries and who pay taxes in that country.
  • Businesses in the fashion, jewelry, interior design, etc. industries are the only ones allowed to get a virtual company license.
  • Owners of virtual companies must pay personal and corporate taxes in their home countries.
  • VAT must be paid, and registration with the UAE’s Federal Tax Authority is also required
Following are the required actions to apply for a Dubai license for a virtual company
  1. Company Registration, please visit the Dubai Virtual Commercial City website. Fill up the online registration form with your personal and professional information.
  2. Upload a copy of your passport, an address verification (such as a utility bill), evidence of tax residency (if not from an accepted nation), and a current, headshot-style photograph taken against a white background to complete the virtual company licensing application.
  3. Monitor the application’s progress while it goes through the government’s authentication and background check procedures following submission. It takes about a month for the verification procedure to complete. Verify the accuracy of all paperwork. If your application is accepted or denied, you will be notified by email.
  4. After officials have verified your identification and passport, the next step is to pay the license fees for your Dubai virtual corporation. You can use a bank transfer or a check to do this through the VCC’s online payment facility. The cost of a license might range from free to several thousand dollars.
  5. The annual fee for a virtual business license is AED 650, and the cost of registering the company’s trade name is an additional AED 200, for a grand total of around AED 850.
Why does the selection of the right business consultants matter?

When setup a business in Dubai, the most important thing is selecting an experienced business consultant. They will ensure that your  licensing and other tasks like accounting, bookkeeping, and bank account opening are executed without delay and mistakes. This is crucial because choosing a substandard agency to save a small amount of money can lead to significant trouble. The rules and regulations are complex, and without the right knowledge of packages, you may lose a significant amount of money during renewal or liquidation, etc.

How 3A Global Corporate Services Provider Can help Your Business?

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