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How to Obtain DHA License in Dubai

Anyone, local or foreign, who wants to set up shop as a doctor in Dubai must first obtain a license from the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). DHA’s Health Regulation Division is responsible for issuing it.

Doctors, surgeons, dental surgeons, allied health service providers, experts in both conventional and complementary medicine, and other medical professionals are all welcome to apply for DHA licenses. Only those on the DHA’s approved list can submit an application for a license.

Passport and visa copies, passport-sized color photos, a certificate of experience, a logbook or other evidence of qualification and experience, proof of good standing, and, for applicants over the age of 65 applying for a full-time license, a medical fitness certificate and medical practice license are all necessary to obtain a DHA license. Certification of educational attainment is also required.

There are a few stages in getting your DHA license in Dubai:

To determine if you meet the requirements, step one is to self-evaluate using the Health Regulation Department’s Sheryan online licensing system. You can move on to the next round if you meet the requirements. If it doesn’t, you may always ask for a human evaluation of your application.

Register for a DHA license by filling out an account application on the Sheryan site.click here

Third, Computer-Based Testing (CBT) and Primary Source Verification (PSV): Verify your credentials through PSV after you’ve established your eligibility. You can also be required to take a CBT evaluation by your employer.

The fourth step is to register for a DHA license on the Sheryan portal by providing the requested information and attaching the needed papers. Submit payment for registration.

Schedule an oral evaluation, which is required for license. 5. Oral evaluation. You can’t get your DHA certification without first passing this test.

You will be registered as a licensed medical practitioner with the DHA once you have passed the oral evaluation. You must apply for activation, submit the offer letter, produce proof of malpractice insurance, and pay the licensing fee before your DHA license can be activated so that you can begin practicing medicine. Until your permanent DHA license is obtained, you will be issued a temporary one.

Contact the appropriate authorities if you have any more queries or require assistance with the DHA license application.


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