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How Can We Register for Ejari?

The Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) in Dubai has introduced a legislation known as Ejari, which means “My Rent” in Arabic. It creates a binding agreement between landlords and tenants with the intention of minimizing potential for conflict and facilitating the resolution of any disagreements that do emerge. More details of Ejari registration is explained below.

A specialized internet platform is available for Ejari registration, or you can contact a company in Dubai or the applicable emirate for help with the process. After signing the lease agreement with the landlord in the presence of a public notary, it is the tenant’s responsibility to begin the registration procedure. A dedicated Ejari portal has been set up to facilitate online registration.

The benefits of registering an Ejari
  • It encourages openness
  • Speeds up resolution of disputes
  • Makes property history data available when needed
  • Stops people from forging documents or breaking lease terms
  • Reduces illegal activities in the rental market
  • Fosters amicable relationships between landlords and tenants.
In Dubai/UAE, you can register for your Ejari in one of three ways.
Authorized Ejari registration centers

You can get started with the process by visiting one of the authorized Ejari registration centers run by the Dubai Land Department.

  • Tenant must pay Ejari Registration Fee
  • Knowledge Fee
  • Innovation Fee
  • Service Center Fee (with VAT) as part of the registration process.
  • Tenancy Agreement
  • copy of Emirates ID
  • Passport
  • Power of Attorney
  • Owner’s Letter
  • Electricity meter number (for shared connections)
  • Business License (if applicable) are all required documents for registration.
Ejari can also be registered using a special website.

Tenants, however, are unable to register Ejari on their own using the site. Landlords (or their representatives), project partners, and real estate agents only. If you fit into one of these groups, you can register for Ejari online, by uploading the necessary documentation.

The Dubai REST mobile application.

Using this app to register for Ejari is more convenient, less expensive, and faster than going to a physical location. The app has an AED 175 registration charge. In order to register Ejari through the mobile app, users must first download the Dubai REST app, then navigate to the “Services” section, pick “RERA,” click on “Register Ejari,” fill out the relevant information, upload the required documents, submit the registration, and pay the price electronically.

Leasing or renting a property in the UAE is illegal without first registering with the government’s official registry, the Ejari. If a landlord engages in illegal activity and the tenant does not register Ejari, they will not be protected by the law and the authorities will be unable to take action against the landlord. A copy of the Ejari registration is also required for tenants to obtain utilities like telephone, internet, cable/television, water, electricity, commercial and alcohol license applications, domestic help, and residence visa renewals.

The goal of the Ejari registration system in Dubai and the other Emirates is to simplify the process of renting and leasing property. When it comes to Ejari registration and associated services, RERA is the official authority in charge. If you register on time and follow all instructions, the law will back you up. Feel free to get in touch with us if you need any help getting your Ejari set up.

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