In 2002, the Dubai government established the free zone known as Dubai Techno Park (TP). More than 21 million square meters in size, 30% of which is parkland, can be found within Dubai’s Jebel Ali Industrial Zone.

The Reason behind Dubai’s Techno Park Construction

Dubai TP was established with the intention of hastening the development of technology in the emirate. Dubai TP promotes the development of cutting-edge technology and infrastructure and serves as a prime launching pad for businesses both domestic and international. This is in line with the overarching goals of Dubai Plan 2021. Economic Zone World, under which Dubai TP operates, is a notable holding company in Dubai.

Dubai TP’s cutting-edge facilities attract several IT firms, which in turn boost the emirate’s economy and pave the way for technological advancement. Dubai TP strengthens Dubai’s position as a developing technological centre as IT companies thrive within its borders, which in turn drives economic growth and improves the quality of life for residents.

Dubai Free Trade Zone & Techno Park

Due to Dubai TP’s prestigious free zone status, it has attracted several companies operating in a wide variety of industries. The Dubai TP free zone provides an accommodating and helpful setting for oil and gas companies, petrochemical businesses, and major technology providers.

Features Of Dubai Techno Park

  • UAE’s National Industrial Park is located in Dubai TP.
  • spanning an enormous 21,000,000 square meters.
  • reserves 30% of its area as parks and other open areas.
  • Used by several different large tech firms as a central meeting point.
  • Holds around sixty thousand people in its structures.
  • Provides work for an estimated 133,000 residents of Dubai.
  • research and development fuels its success and growth.
  • intends to create a sustainable and prosperous future.
  • Promotes sustained growth in the economy.
  • Locations of Emphasis in Dubai’s Tax-Free Zone
  • developing cutting-edge equipment.
  • Promoting long-term economic health is a top priority.
  • Raising awareness of economic and social issues.
  • Managing water supplies effectively.
  • Promoting renewable energy sources that are gentler on the environment.
  • Increasingly stringent regulations to safeguard the environment.

Facilities In Dubai Techno Park

  • Dubai TP is divided into three sections that work together to provide a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere for its residents: Partially Dedicated to Technology
  • This thriving commercial district is the core of Dubai TP and is split into four zones
  • The Landmark Tower stands as a dramatic visual statement of Dubai TP’s dedication to innovation through the use of renewable energy.
  • The Boulevard is a tree-lined main thoroughfare that links the Landmark Building and the rest of the Campus Core.
  • The Heart of Campus: The Campus Core is home to some of the world’s top institutions for technological research and development.
  • The R&D Hub is an innovation incubator that provides workspaces for new companies in the ICT sector.
  • The Mixed-Use Zone is a multipurpose complex with a megamall with luxury retail brands and upscale lodging and dining options. There are two eight-story office buildings in this area, each housing a different set of businesses.
  • The Industrial District is strategically located in the northwest and serves the needs of the manufacturing sector with an eye on minimizing negative impacts on the local ecosystem and optimizing vehicular access. It is home to a wide variety of retail outlets, workplaces, and lodging options.

Steps To establishing a company In Dubai Techno Park

  • Filing a business name with the appropriate authorities.
  • Obtain preliminary free zone authority permission in Dubai.
  • Complete and submit an application.
  • A decision from the authorities is made within a week.
  • A Certificate of Registration is issued to legitimate businesses.
  • Make sure to pay your registration cost.
  • Get a permit that is appropriate for your line of work.
  • Put up some sort of office.
  • Create a bank account for your company.
  • Start doing business as usual.

Qualifications for Establishing a Company in Dubai Techno Park

  • Corporation With Limited Liability
  • Exclusive Business (just for locals from the GCC)
  • Organization of Foreign Nationals Only (or Civil)
  • Foreign Company, GCC Company, Free Zone Establishment, Limited Liability Company, Sole Establishment, and Foreign Company are all examples of branches.

Dubai Techno Park Free Zone: Why You Should Consider Establishing Your Company There

Advantages Of Dubai Techno Park

  • Wholly owned by a foreign entity.
  • Lack of a business tax.
  • Profits will be fully repatriated.
  • There are no monetary limits.
  • The procedure for employing foreign staff has been simplified.
  • Lease for 15 years.
  • Complete array of government assistance in a single location.
  • Support for visas is available around the clock.
  • There are numerous doorways.
  • Jebel Ali Airport and the ports are easily accessible.

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