His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Ruler of Dubai, has seen Dubai South emerge as a thriving crucible of innovation. His Highness’s pioneering hopes for the emirate are reflected in this visionary undertaking, which is in perfect harmony with the goals outlined in Dubai Plan 2021.

Objectives Of Dubai South Free Zone

  • establishing the emirate as a global economic center.
  • Making the emirate a leading financial and commercial hub.
  • Increasing the world’s recognition of Dubai as the undisputed aviation center.
  • fostering a community where people are happy, creative, and self-reliant.
  • Fostering the growth of a sustainable and technologically advanced urban fabric.

Dubai South, an area covering 145 square kilometers between Dubai and Abu Dhabi and close to the Jebel Ali port, has its center at Al Maktoum International Airport. This spot has been brilliantly conceived as a connector between the local and international scenes.

Dubai South Free Zone master plan

  1. there is the 6.7-square-kilometer Aviation District, which houses a specialized aviation ecology. It is home to the VIP Terminal and major annual events including the Dubai Airshow and the Middle East Business Aviation Show.
  1. Logistics District, which promotes a multimodal platform for supply chain businesses. This area is ideal for contract logistics, integrators, freight-forwarders, and agents, since it provides both build-to-suit and ready-to-use facilities. Air freight operations are boosted by its direct, airside connection to Al Maktoum International Airport.
  1. the Business Park provides a variety of adaptable office spaces for businesses of all sizes, from sole proprietorships and small businesses to multinational conglomerates. A business center, open around the clock, provides a full range of office services to complement these areas.

With a projected population of 1 million, Dubai South is ready to develop into a bustling residential centre. Villas and apartments are interspersed across 715 acres of land, and the timing of many of the development projects is timed to coincide with the highly anticipated Dubai Expo 2020.

Advantages Of Dubai South Free Zone

  • Capital and earnings can be brought back to the country of origin without any restrictions.
  • No import or export taxes or fees – Modifiable commercial lease provisions
  • All sorts of commercial pursuits are legal.
  • Easy to follow instructions and streamlined setup processes

Jebel Ali Sea Port and Al Maktoum International Airport are easily accessible, and there are no share capital requirements, currency restrictions, or rate caps in place.

Licenses in The Dubai South Free Zone

  1. Light manufacturing is under the purview of the first type of industrial license.
  2. Licensed for the provision of logistical services.
  3. a Trading and General Trading License allows for the import, export, distribution, and storage of a limited number of products, with local sales made possible via an authorized distributor.
  4. Service License: Allowing the provision of certain services in Dubai South; may have wider applicability.
  5. Education License: Supporting a wide range of academic, social, and professional development activities.

With its forward-thinking mindset, innovative architecture, and unwavering dedication to the future, Dubai South

has become a shining example of the city’s progressive vision.

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