The Dubai Government developed Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO) in accordance with Law no. 16 of 2005 in order to meet the growing need for tech-centric businesses in the emirate. DSO is one of the five strategic urban sectors in the Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan that are focused on knowledge and innovation. Dubai Silicon Oasis is a Special Economic Zone that brings together businesses, people, and academic institutions to promote knowledge and technology co-creation through collaboration.

To help move Dubai to the forefront of sophisticated electronic invention, design, and development on a worldwide scale, DSO was founded to enable and stimulate technology-based enterprises in the emirate.

DSO is a master-planned metropolitan area that spans 7.2 million square meters and is deliberately segmented into five core functions: industry, commerce, education, housing, and public services. Each element has been carefully selected to fit into the bigger picture of a thriving technological community.

DSO fosters a favorable ecology that provides its community of 22,000 registered firms with a variety of benefits, including as high-quality utility infrastructure, modern communications systems, constant electricity, and well-planned transportation routes. The framework also includes persistent business support and internal business services. DSO is a herald of growth and innovation since it provides enterprises with incentives to make smart investments in technology while also supporting startups through various initiatives.

DSO exemplifies a compelling value proposition by providing full government support, competitive operational costs, cutting-edge infrastructure and IT networking, free zone privileges, full ownership independence, and a carefully calibrated environment tailored to the specific needs of the technology industry.

DSO’s position is clearly defined as an integrated economic center for information and innovation, a monument to its indelible role in bringing Dubai to the forefront of technological growth, in line with Dubai’s overarching Urban Master Plan 2040.

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