Dubai Media City (DMC) was established in 2000 and has since grown into a vibrant regional hub for media businesses. Freelancers, SMEs, startups, and large enterprises all cohabit together in this thriving neighborhood. DMC’s integration of strong infrastructure has made it a breeding ground for the development of media companies, helping the region carve out a unique place on the international stage.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum wanted to transform Dubai into a knowledge-based society, and DMC is a physical manifestation of his ambition. In keeping with this far-sighted plan, DMC was envisioned as a hub for both global and regional media behemoths. Designed primarily as a business district, the area consists mostly of office space with some rental homes and villas thrown in for good measure.


What Is Dubai Media City?

  • Launched formally in 2001; primarily comprises business areas
  • A tax-free zone open to one hundred percent overseas investment
  • A hub for the Middle Eastern and Gulf Cooperation Council media industries Thanks to its business-friendly environment and oversight by the Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone Authority

Dubai Media City has a predominantly commercial vibe and fits very well with the surrounding area. There are mostly business buildings and retail spaces for lease dotting the landscape. A few flats and villas, as well as a range of hotel apartments, are scattered among these to meet the varying needs of the local business community.

More than 1,500 enterprises working in digital media, publishing, and electronic media call Dubai Media City home. This upscale neighborhood is home to the likes of the BBC, MBC, CNN, Forbes, Sony, Thomson Reuters, and ITP Media Group, among many more. Dubai Media City is home to over 20,000 professionals and offers them more than just a place to work by providing them with access to a wide variety of restaurants, retail stores, and entertainment options.

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