The Dubai Logistics City (DLC) is an innovative global hub created with the goal of boosting the logistics industry worldwide. As the government’s grandest and most far-reaching project to date, DLC not only improves the Emirate’s commercial prospects but also incorporates a wide variety of other business communities, such as restaurants, shops, leisure facilities, and services, into its aesthetically pleasing setting.

DLC’s unique tunnel, which leads to Jebel Ali Port, is evidence of the port’s strategic importance. Dubai Logistics City is a sprawling business complex that is responsible for approximately 12 million tons of annual air cargo turnover. DLC is the epicenter of logistics in the Emirates, thanks to its advantageous location near the Jebel Ali Sea Port and its well-established supply network.

DLC’s amenities include both prefabricated warehouses and specialized units for freight forwarders, as well as dedicated lanes for the transportation of large vehicles. The United Arab Emirates, Africa, and North Asian countries all stand to benefit from an all-encompassing tax agreement.

The community of Dubai Logistics City Free Zone fosters a setting that is optimal for the growth of logistics businesses. The success of logistics companies in Dubai is heavily dependent on the several available license alternatives.

Licenses Available In Dubai Logistic City
Logistics License In Dubai Logistic City

To those who possess this license, the ability to store, distribute, manage inventory, transport, process orders, forward, sort, and clear shipments within the United Arab Emirates is granted. Nonetheless, UAE sales are limited.

Industrial License In Dubai Logistic City

It allows the holder to use noiseless machinery or human labor to do light manufacturing tasks like blending, purifying, repackaging, mixing, wrapping, and assembling.

Trading License In Dubai Logistic City

Permission to store, distribute, import, export, and sell goods is included in a trading license. Only through an authorized local distributor or agency may finished goods and products be sold within the UAE.

Service License In Dubai Logistic City

This permit allows you to do a wide range of businesses like training, insurance, consultancy, and catering.

Education License In Dubai Logistic City

Those who have this permit may run businesses in the fields of education, educational consulting, and social services.

DLC promotes Dubai’s pioneering spirit by establishing a center that drives the logistics industry and encourages a wide range of commercial enterprises, all of which contribute to the Emirate’s rapid and sustained development.

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