Easily accessible from Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai Gold & Diamond Park is a must-see amazing on view. As you explore the premises, decorated with beautiful exhibits of expensive jewels and gold worth millions of dollars, a fascinating universe opens up before your eyes. There are opportunities to admire, evaluate, and purchase beautiful works of art around every corner, with the extra appeal of unique designs that have been painstakingly produced by seasoned artists. Gold & Diamond Park offers a plethora of options for the discriminating consumer thanks to its eclectic collection of more than 90 renowned stores and brands.

Gold & Diamond Park is unlike any other shopping center because it features not only a wide variety of stores but also 118 state-of-the-art industrial facilities. This forward-thinking layout offers an enticing opportunity to jewelers and business owners that are on the lookout for outstanding commercial lease spaces. The Park features 350 office spaces, adding to its allure as a one-stop-shop for a wide range of company needs.

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