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Top 9 Mistakes in Business Credit Management

Credit management is the process of monitoring and regulating the timely payment of debts owed to a business by its customers. Credit management’s fundamental tenets are as follows.

  1. Assuming that every customer is the same: Invoice processing needs can vary widely depending on the customers. To avoid delays or payment concerns, it is necessary to learn as much as possible about the invoice payment procedure, the appropriate contact person, and any unique invoicing criteria.
  2. Indeterminate payment terms: Specify payment due dates and late fines in a sales contract. Get a signature from the customer to avoid any misunderstandings about the payment terms.
  3. Slow invoicing: Invoice swiftly, ideally immediately after product delivery. Taking advantage of consumers’ generosity in this way boosts the probability that you’ll be paid on time.
  4. Don’t let late payments become routine: It’s important to keep track of unpaid bills, identify the oldest and most valuable ones, and formulate a plan to be paid faster. Some examples of this might be adjusting your credit conditions or providing an incentive for early payment.
  5. Reluctant to pick up the phone when necessary; following up via email is effective in many situations, but don’t be afraid to do so when essential. It’s much more difficult to ignore or delay payment when you talk to them directly about late balances.
  6. Failing to express gratitude for funds received, regardless of their promptness. Customer relationships can be strengthened and future quick payment encouraged by sending a nice email within 24 hours after receiving payment.
  7. If a client routinely pays late, you can warn them a late fee, cut off service until payment is made, contact debt collectors, or file suit. Make warnings only if you intend to carry them out. Warnings without action can damage your reputation and your connection with your customers.
  8. Don’t leave your team members out of credit control; include sales and account managers. They can leverage their connections to customers to either get paid faster or condition future business on paying off any outstanding payments.
  9. In Dubai, where cheques are still a frequent form of payment, using a courier service to collect cheques is a professional and efficient way to expedite the process.

Businesses can increase their cash flow and maintain a healthy financial stability by avoiding these credit control blunders and developing efficient credit control systems.

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