Corporate Foundation In The UAE

Why do most of our clients choose Corporate foundation in the UAE?

1.To help other people.

2.Leaving a Legacy

3.Being responsible to society

4.Tax Benefits

5.Having control and flexibility

6.Getting things to change

7.Collaborating and networking

What is Corporate Foundation In The UAE?

A Corporate Foundation is usually set up by a Founder who gives a certain amount of their money to charitable or non-charitable purpose.

Major Steps To Structuring a Corporate Foundation In The UAE

Clarify the Objectives and Purpose

Make the foundation’s mission, goals, and objectives very clear.

The Choose a Name

Name follows the naming regulations of the UAE and is not already registered by another entity.

Decide on founders

Find the people or companies that will take the lead in starting the foundation.

Draft up the Foundation Charter

The purpose, governance structure, management processes, and other important details of the foundation should all be stated in this document.

Draft the By-laws

This document explains the Council’s different roles and responsibilities and makes it clear what the Founder expected.

Choose Board Members or the council

These people should be dedicated and knowledgeable enough to oversee the foundation’s decisions and make sure they are in line with its objectives.

Register the Foundation in the UAE

Depending on the emirate where the foundation is based, the licensing process may be different.

How 3A Global Corporate Services Provider Can help Your organization?

Foundation Structuring is a complex process and it needs an experienced and talented pool of professionals. We have 16 years of experience in corporate affairs and foundation structuring in UAE.

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