The legal right to reproduce or use an original work exclusively for a specified time period is called copyright. Various forms of intellectual property in the United Arab Emirates are safeguarded by copyright registration. The following artistic creations are eligible for registration under UAE federal law number. 7 of 2002 pertaining to copyright.

1. literary works, which include essays, fiction, and nonfiction books.
2.  any and all forms of computer-related intellectual property, such as software, programs, databases, etc.
3. Lectures, speeches, and other forms of educational content.
4. Shows, albums, plays, dramas, musical scores, compositions, riffs, and lyrics are all examples of musical works.
5. Movies, videos, animations, and other forms of audiovisual media
6. Works of layout, sketch, drawing, design, etc. in the fields of architecture and engineering.
7. The arts: graphic design, photography, music, theater, etc.
Photography, or works based on photography, is the eighth category.

In the United Arab Emirates, a work must meet two main criteria before it can be registered for copyright protection:

1. It must be your own work and not a copy or a piece of plagiarism.
2. It has to be observable to the naked eye.

However, copyright protection cannot be applied to the following works:

1. information, including data, principles, mathematical ideas, and methods.
2. texts of binding legal force, such as statutes, regulations, treaties, and judicial rulings.
3. Public domain news articles that are not provided in a unique way.

Individuals who engage in creative endeavors are afforded several rights and protections under UAE copyright law, such as:

1. The option to choose when their work is initially published.
2. The privilege of being called the work’s creator.
3.The legal protection from illegal changes to their creation.
4.The authority to decide how widely their creations are disseminated.
5. The right to have one’s name linked to a performance is a privilege reserved for performers and their successors.
6. In addition to the monetary benefits, copyright holders also have moral (non-monetary) rights to their registered works.
7 Permission to make copies, make recordings, broadcast their work, and distribute it in any way they see fit.

The UAE’s copyright law provides protection for 50 years after the author’s death. Copyright protection extends well beyond the year of publication if the work is published posthumously.

Registration of copyright in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) protects the legal ownership of creative works and the intellectual property of its creators.

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