Advantages of Starting a Business in Ajman Free Zone (AFZ)

Due to its advantageous location and straightforward, setup a company in Ajman Free Zone (AFZ) has been a well-liked option for businesses in the UAE. Despite being the smallest emirate, Ajman has a number of advantages for foreign business owners.

The benefits of Starting a business in the Ajman Free Zone are as follows

Convenient and Quick Registration

Starting a business in the Ajman Free Zone takes about two days. With only one trip to the free zone authority necessary for document signing, the majority of the process can be completed online.

A Wide Range of Business Options

The AFZ welcomes companies from the industrial, professional, commercial, and e-commerce sectors. There are few limitations on the kinds of enterprises that are permitted, giving entrepreneurs flexibility.

Economical Setup

AFZ is renowned for being economical, which makes it perfect for startups and small businesses. AFZ provides cost-effective choices for companies of all sizes, whether you run a tiny operation or intend to grow gradually.

Allowing More Than One Shareholder

AFZ permits up to five stockholders in a company, which is advantageous for those who lack the resources to launch a business on their own. A practical choice is forming a limited liability business with partners.

Low Labor Cost

AFZ provides lower labor costs, enabling enterprises to manage operating costs. It can be profitable to hire both white-collar and blue-collar workers at reasonable wages.

Residence Visa

Business owners in the AFZ who have a family are qualified for a residence visa. Additionally, corporate employees can apply for visas for themselves and their families, giving them flexibility and stability.

Broad Global Reach

The AFZ provides exceptional connection for international trade thanks to its prime location close to airports and seaports. The seamless exchange of goods, supplies, and machinery promotes the development and growth of businesses.

Easy Corporate Bank Account Opening

In contrast to other free zones, opening a corporate bank account in an AFZ is a simple and uncomplicated process. For business owners, the minimal process makes banking setup easier.

No forced Government Audit

AFZ does not mandate that businesses undergo forced government audits. Due to the absence of onerous audits, organizations may concentrate on research and development while maximizing earnings.

Capital Repatriation

Expats are permitted to repatriate 100% of their capital, enabling them to send money without incurring additional costs to their home country. Entrepreneurs can modify their investment plans in response to shifting company conditions thanks to this flexibility.

Due to these benefits, AFZ is a desirable option for business owners wishing to establish a presence in the UAE. 

Why does the selection of the right business consultants matter?

When setup a business in Ajman, the most important thing is selecting an experienced business consultant. They will ensure that your  licensing and other tasks like accounting, bookkeeping, and bank account opening are executed without delay and mistakes. This is crucial because choosing a substandard agency to save a small amount of money can lead to significant trouble. The rules and regulations are complex, and without the right knowledge of packages, you may lose a significant amount of money during renewal or liquidation, etc.

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