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A Profession in Gaming With SHAMS

Those interested in making a living in the gaming industry now have a wide variety of job paths from which to choose. Shams sees the lucrative potential in the e-gaming industry and is providing assistance for it through its e-gaming license. A gamer can become a game developer, host a tournament, or broadcast their gameplay online.

The MENA area, with its young population, is expected to see particularly strong growth in the gaming sector. By working with groups like the UAE E-sports Federation and local esports organizers, Shams Media Services has contributed to the growth of the e-gaming sector in the United Arab Emirates. The goal of this partnership is to bring together gaming communities on a local level and give gaming enterprises with logistical and regulatory support to aid in the execution of events like tournaments and the production of original content.

Shams‘s long-term goal is to become a major player in the esports industry, where its teams may shine as examples of professionalism and dedication. The objective is to help Sharjah grow both nationally and regionally, and to make the United Arab Emirates a major center for e-gaming in the Middle East and beyond.

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